Compact Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval Plate Exchangers


Compact, yes, always small, no.  Our team has been designing, repairing, and upgrading plate heat exchangers for our customers for over 35 years. 

Alfa Laval Welded Plate


 Alfa Laval's welded plate technology offers the benefits of high heat transfer coefficients combined with the latest mechanical advantages of welded plates. 

Alfa Laval Spiral Exchangers


Self-cleaning design make Alfa Laval Spiral Heat Exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for heavy fouling applications as a heater, cooler, interchanger or condenser. High efficiency in a compact size. Single spiral channel reduces fouling rates typically encountered with slurries and solid laden fluids. Very easy to clean and maintain. 

Pick Heaters


Pick Direct Steam Injection Heating Systems can be used to heat any water miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantaneously where 30 PSI (2.1 BAR) or above steam pressure is available 

R.W. Holland


 R.W. Holland, Inc. was founded in the early 1970’s and the owners have over seventy combined years of heat transfer experience. R.W. Holland, Inc. serves the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and power industries with its line of hairpin heat exchangers, tank heating coils, line and suction heaters and longitudinal finned tubes.  



 For over 50 years, GAB Neumann has been offering a complete range of graphite heat exchangers for the most corrosive applications in the pharmaceutical and the chemical industries. Our product portfolio includes annular groove graphite heat exchangers, graphite coolers, graphite heaters, and graphite block heat exchangers. These pieces of equipment can be used as coolers, heaters, interchangers, absorbers, condensers, or evaporators.