Process Burners


For over two decades, Callidus Process Burner technology has been on the leading edge of design and manufacturing in the refining, petrochemical and oil & gas applications. The Callidus process burner design group has worked in cooperation with our customers to develop the technology and solutions to some of the greatest challenges in the reduction of NOx emissions. Our CUBL process burner technology, developed in conjunction with customers, is recognized as the best available technology in the industry. 



Custom Designed Flare Systems To Meet Your Needs. Utilizing proprietary flare technologies, Callidus provides systems for individual or combined process waste gases within a facility. Since the flare is the plant’s ultimate safety device, Callidus takes great care to not only ensure that the process design is correct, but that the equipment is manufactured and delivered with world-class quality. 

Thermal Oxidizers


Callidus offers thermal oxidizer systems that are designed to match your specifications, process criteria, and performance requirements. The Callidus broad base of designs allow us to evaluate your environmental problems and provide custom designed solutions. Callidus thermal oxidizer systems are in service in a variety of gas and liquid waste applications. Each system is designed and built to meet the highest quality standards and to meet or exceed the latest environmental regulations, including NOx standards. 

Flare Gas Recovery Systems


The Callidus Flare Gas Recovery System allows you to capture gas from the flare header to be used back in your facility, creating instant savings.

Callidus Catalyst Systems


Callidus custom designed catalyst systems meet your application specific needs. Utilizing proprietary technologies, Callidus Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems provide emission controls to meet your NOx and CO requirements, whether required by your company or government regulations. These systems can be used with Callidus burners or thermal oxidizers, or as stand-alone units.